Bitcoin Fever: Will the Banks Get Left Behind or Maintain their Status?

During the past few months, Bitcoin has featured frequently in the headlines, after consistently beating out its own records in terms of value. On one December trading day the price of a single Bitcoin reached more than $20,000.  Its value has since weakened. However, even following its depreciatio...

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The Credit Companies are Separating from the Banks: Why is No One Rushing to Buy?

As we’ve seen over the past few months, a law was legislated that requires the banks to sell their credit card companies. However, no one seems to be rushing – neither Israeli nor international companies – to purchase the credit card companies. This situation differs from other legislations fo...

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The Credit Database and its Risk Profile for Citizens—Who is it Good for and for Who Less so?

The economic affairs committee just approved a draft of the Credit Data Law for a second and third reading, which opens the doorway for competition in the consumer credit sector in Israel. According to the Credit Data Law, a credit database will be established in the Bank of Israel three years from ...

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