Representation Israeli Corporations in World-Wide Negotiations

Barry Ben Zeev - Representation of Israeli CompaniesNowadays, more and more Israeli companies seek to expand their business activities outside Israel’s borders.

At the same time, a constantly expanding number of international corporations seek collaboration with their Israeli counterparts, starting their own development centers here in Israel. In both cases, quality professional advice is key, as far as the conclusion of the negotiations to the satisfaction of all parties involved, is concerned.

“Woolfson Consulting Ltd.” provides Israeli companies it represents with professional and reliable consulting, carefully helping them to go through every step of the negotiation process. We obviously start right at the beginning with all parties present, making their mutual demands.

We take a close look at the contract drafts going back and forward and we are also there every step of the way in order to help preventing and avoiding crises that can hinder the entire deal. These are all critical steps that can affect the future, as well as the short-term and long-term survival of every company.

Our representation and consulting services are mainly designated for Israeli companies conducting negotiations regarding the admission of an international corporation serving as a partner. At the same time, we also advise exporters and companies seeking to promote and develop joint ventures with international companies.

The most crucial factor affecting the successful outcome of such negotiations is naturally the thorough and fundamental familiarity with both the international market and the Israeli market. This is exactly the unique competitive advantage we possess here at “Woolfson Consulting Ltd” – looking forward to use our knowledge to your favor.

Mr. Barry Ben-Zeev, founder of “Woolfson Consulting Ltd.”, possesses a unique combination of highly valuable financial experience – both in domestic (Israeli) and international markets.

The wide variety of senior posts held by Mr. Ben-Zeev, including during his tenure as CFO and Deputy CEO of Bank Hapoalim, serves as an exclusive and indispensable competitive advantage you want on your side.