Strategic Financial Consulting – High Net Worth Individuals and Corporations

Barry Ben Zeev - Strategic Financial ConsultingOur financial-strategic consulting services are designated first and foremost for wealthy and prominent corporations enjoying a significant cash balance, or rather large investment funds.

Such companies seek financial strategic advice when they are about to make a crucial decision regarding their own future.

From the type of credit they wish to receive (dollars, shekels or yen for example), its range (long-term or short-term) and the actual extent and scope of the credit, right to questions regarding any company’s cash balance – distributing or holding onto their capital and finally where would it be best to invest it – whether in investment trusts, stocks, debentures and so on. These are the questions we have the answer to.

With regard to private customers, it is worth noting that our company focuses on working only with high net-worth individuals who possess a major amount of different assets. The spectrum of the consulting provided to our private clients includes guidance regarding the best way to manage their investment portfolio, managing the relations between the client and the bank, Potential distribution of funds among the banks etc. Private clients can also receive consulting on an ad-hoc basis – as to any topic they see fit.

Our main goal is to provide each customer with whom we work – corporate and individual alike with impartial and objective advice which will be tailor made according to their individual needs.

Right at the beginning, we’ll work together on a complete outline of all the assets and liabilities at our clients’ disposal. We firmly believe that only by seeing the entire picture first, will we be able to provide our customers with the same quality professional consulting we know they deserve and we can deliver.

Mr. Barry Ben-Zeev, founder of “Woolfson Consulting Ltd.”, possesses a unique combination of highly valuable financial experience – both in domestic (Israeli) and international markets.

The wide variety of senior posts held by Mr. Ben-Zeev, including during his tenure as CFO and Deputy CEO of Bank Hapoalim, serves as an exclusive and indispensable competitive advantage you want on your side.